Steinel L 265 S
  • The processor-controlled mini-sensor automatically switches light 'ON' and 'OFF' in relation to whether or not a person is present
  • The control system is optimized specifically for the use of low-energy lamps
  • An LED light corona in the base of the unit adds an attractive lighting feature
  • Features a 1 watt power LED that shines on the wall below the light when it's dark
  • Perfect for exterior fascade and can be used for house / room number or hall wall names
  • Made high-quality die-cast aluminum enclosure finished in a dirt-repellant NANO Clean coating
  • Detection zone 360° over a reach of up to 8m
  • Light treshold and 'ON' time adjustable to suit needs
  • 4 programmes geared to practical needs can be selected on the removal sensor module