Steinel XLED 10
  • Sensor-switched motion detector LED outdoor floodlight for wall mounting
  • Has 10 LEDs with a total output of approx. 25 watts and 956 lumens
  • With integrated electronic ballast
  • With 240° angle for coverage and max. reach of 12 m
  • Uses the Steinel Active-Thermo-Control System that constantly monitors and regulates the temperature of the LEDs that prevents overheating and prolongs LED life expectancy (up to 50,000 h)
  • The flat-design light head is made of aluminum and tilts through 200° and turns through 270°
  • The LED floodlight provides an evenly broad radiation of light for daylight-bright illumination using a good 70% less energy than a halogen lamp of comparable output
  • It provides the option of setting a basic brightness of 10% (approx. 3w) - either all night long or for 10 min after the selected 'ON' time elapses
  • The sensor-switched LED floodlight can be interconnected with slave versions by cable