Steinel IS 2180-5
  • Infrared motion detector for indoor and outdoor wall-mounting use (IP 54)
  • With a maximum reach of 20 m & is capable of watching over areas of up to 500 m/sq
  • Equipped with a multi lens that can be turned by hand, making it possible to select reaches and detection zones to suit individual needs
  • Setting 1) Max. reach 20 m with sneak-by guard
  • Setting 2) Max. reach 8 m with sneak-by guard
  • With 180° angle of coverage and reach which can also be reduced using the shrouds provided
  • Infrared sensor's time and twilight threshold can be adjusted to suit individual requirements
  • A manual override capability (up to 4 hours) is provided
  • A corner wall mount is included for quickly mounting on internal and external corners with two screws