Soraa MR16 LED GU5.3
General Features
  • Narrow spot CBCPs of 6000Cd at 95CRI and 7750Cd at 80CRI, far in excess of the competition
  • ENERGY STAR label, qualifying for nationwide rebate programs
  • DIMMABLE, and tested with a wide range of dimmers and transformer
  • ANSI/IEC COMPLIANT form factor with flat front face, fits most MR16s fixtures
  • Available in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 5000K, in beam angles of 10d, 25d and 36d
  • GaN on GaN™ technology for small, bright point sources
  • POINT SOURCE OPTICS for uniform and high intensity beams
  • VP₃ technology for perfect and consistent rendering of colors and whites
  • SORAA SNAP SYSTEM compatibility opens up infinite design possibilities
  • Enclosed fixture compatibility allows operation in damp or outdoor locations
  • Rated life of 35,000 hours